Kernel Debugging Setup on MacOS

Karol Mazurek
9 min readJun 7, 2024

Introduction to Two-Machine Configuration for Kernel Debugging.


A short guide on how to start Kernel Debugging of macOS using two Mac machines (MacBook → Mac Mini) and Kernel Debug Kit.

  • MacBook — a host that runs the debugger and is connected to the router (it does not matter if it is via ethernet or Wi-Fi).
  • Mac Mini — a target machine for debugging code. It is connected to the MacBook using an ethernet to USB-C adapter.

Connecting devices using ethernet is necessary because the debugging facility does not work through the Wi-Fi. I tried to achieve it with no luck.

Moreover, the setup I used here using a USB-C to Ethernet adapter (Dell) did not work either. It is not perfect, but I found a workaround to this, explained later.

I used here the found during the second step of the KDK installation. I also uploaded it to Snake&Apple — X. NU/mac/KDK.pdf.